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Plan every wedding-related event and manage budgets, guest lists, task calendars, seating arrangements and more.
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Choose from dozens of designs and personalize your site with photo galleries, music, a blog and more.
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Plug into your guest list to quickly send messages and reminders to your guests or wedding party.

What special insights and knowledge does a wedding consultant have over you?

Although many brides have looked forward to getting married for a long time and know more than a thing or two about wedding planning, there's no substitute for the advice and guidance of an expert. This is why many brides either hire a planner or go the DIY route and prep by reading and researching as much as they can via Web sites, blogs, books and magazines. And after all that research, it's not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed.

Believe it or not, you can get up to speed faster than you think.

To be honest, planning a wedding isn't as difficult as you think. Every successful wedding planner follows a basic set of rules and guidelines that help them plan amazing weddings, and you don't need dozens of years of experience or a flair for design or details to learn these secrets or to pull together the wedding organizer resources they use.

My Wedding Workbook shares with you the insights and tools used by the pros.

After working with wedding professionals for 3 years, we created a system that more than 1,000 wedding pros use on a daily basis to organize their weddings. And now we are offering that wedding organizer system to you as well as a number of other online resources created by wedding experts that provide essential guidance and tools for preparing for your big day.

Sure, there are free tools out there, but there are usually strings attached to them.

The Internet is stuffed full of free information and tools, but not all information and tools are alike. First of all, it may take you tons of time surfing to find the tools and guidance that you're looking for, while My Wedding Workbook pulls the best resources and guidance together in one place, saving you time and effort. Second, many free tools require you to register and provide your contact information, leaving you open to unwanted solicitations or even spam (we never sell your information or send you unwanted email). Finally, many free sites don't support their tools, so if they break you're out in the cold (and we fully support ours).

Only $29.95 for $291 worth of valuable, must-have resources and guidance.

If you went out and purchased everything we provide separately - this includes an online wedding organizer / wedding software, a 182-page online etiquette guide, a premium wedding website, step-by-step wedding checklists and worksheets and more - it would tally up to around $291. Plus our tools and resources are all built to work together seamlessly, and you have them all in one place, so you only need to log into one site to plan your entire wedding. How's that for convenience. Plus you can plan with confidence knowing that our online wedding organizer system has been thoroughly vetted and tested by hundreds of wedding pros and thousands of brides.

If 26,000+ brides have put their trust in our system, and you can, too.

You'd be hard pressed to find a better system to plan your wedding, but instead of listening to us, you should listen to some of the people who have successfully planned a wedding with My Wedding Workbook as their online wedding planner of choice.