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Plug into your guest list to quickly send messages and reminders to your guests or wedding party.

What don't you know about planning a wedding that professional planners do?

Diving into wedding planning can be exciting ... and nerve wracking, too. Most newly engaged brides-to-be jump into learning all they need to know by crashing the Web and signing up for free wedding software and tools as well as browsing hundreds of wedding websites and blogs. And after a while, you discover that there's so much out there that it would be impossible to learn everything by your wedding day.

Free wedding planner tools and resources will only get you so far.

Ask yourself this ... if something is free, than really how valuable and useful is it? Wedding consultants guard their knowledge and resources tightly because they know such inside advice and expert tools are valuable. In the same light, although free information or free wedding software or a free wedding planner might be helpful, they also can come with some major drawbacks. They might be watered-down versions, have little or no customer support, provide half-baked advice or require you to provide your contact information (which can leave you open to unwanted emails or even spam). They also aren't motivated to improve their product or even maintain it regularly.

Enter My Wedding Workbook - your secret weapon for planning your big day.

My Wedding Workbook gives you the tools and resources used by professional wedding consultants while also providing advice straight from the lips of wedding experts. Not only does it offer a 182-page Etiquette Guide for planning your wedding like a pro, but it also provides a complete online wedding organizer for managing your budget, guest list, seating arrangements, RSVPs and more; a premium wedding website; an ideas-and-inspiration board; and more. It brings together dozens of the best, battle-tested wedding planning tools in one place.

If it's so great, then what's the catch?

The catch is that it isn't a free wedding planner like others online. It costs $29.95. However, when you compare this to your other wedding purchases (like buying your wedding ring, your wedding dress, your reception costs, your honeymoon), this amount probably seems like a drop in the bucket. And, when you consider that all the tools in My Wedding Workbook can easily save you ten times the cost of our system, then it really starts to make sense to make a small investment that can truly enhance the quality of your wedding while saving you money.

Get $291 worth of essential guidance and professional tools for only...

$29.95. That's right ... when you add up the cost of purchasing all the items we offer separately, it adds up to at least $291. That's a savings of almost ten times the full retail price of everything we offer if you went out and purchased everything separately. But you shouldn't take our word for how valuable and essential are system is ... just listen to a few of the 26,000+ happy couples who have planned their wedding with My Wedding Workbook.